Mack In Paris

Mack in Paris
Last year I went to Paris for a photography workshop but the real reason I went was because Mack, my oldest son, was studying in Paris for a semester and I wanted to hang out with him. He was more than happy to oblige and for the six nights that I was there we would meet up for dinner. Nothing formal, just “should we pick the red restaurant or the blue restaurant?” Each was amazing. And yes, we ordered frois gras every night.
This image was taken in the famous French cemetery Pere Lachais which is reputed to be the world’s most visited cemetery, each year attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to the graves of those who have enhanced French life over the past 200 years. I’d been trying to take Mack’s photograph, musically, seriously, for years and on this day when the photo shoot was over he thanked me for working so hard.