Art Buchwald

Art Buchwald, I loved him
OK, this isn’t in color, as promised. But you can imagine the summer garden of the Harbor Side Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard and the most fabulous event of the summer hosted by Art Buchwald. The Possible Dreams Auction which benefits Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. I have received a back stage pass to this event to the envy of every photographer there, from the New York Times to Getty Images, simply because I volunteer for them and I give them my images to use in their marketing and public relations.

This photograph was taken the summer before Art got really sick and then, to the surprise of all of us, he made one more appearance. That next summer he came on stage and said that he was on his way to heaven and he told them that he had to make one more stop … Martha’s Vineyard. I met with him at his house after that last event, with my good friend Jan Hatchard. We watched an old war movie for a little bit and he showed me my photographs in his living room. I loved seeing him that one last time.