When a Village Thinks Alike and Acts Together (Taking the ALS Challenge)

On a hot summer night, in a little town in the Midwest, we gathered for a common cause,  took the challenge, nominated others, spoke our minds and made memories.

We have a guy in our town by the name of Peter Yankala, who owns a classic men’s clothing company, Phillips Men’s Wear.  Peter is the marketing genius behind all of these fabulous moral boosting and fund raising efforts that we host in the name of this favored charity, the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

We have another guy in our town by the name of Bob Lee, who commanderes people in the name of social justice and raises money like hell won’t have it.  Bob has circumnavigated the perimeter of the United States on a bicycle, raising more than $1,000,000 for ALS.  All after the age of 60.

And there’s another one by the name of Douglas McConnell, who has swum the English Channel, the Catalina Channel and around the Island of Manhattan, earning the “Triple Crown” of open water swimming and raising more than $325,000 for ALS.

So when you put the three of them together (Peter, Bob and Doug) it’s a beautifully intelligent and magical combination.  The three are tirelessly creative in their scheming ways to create excitement and raise money for the horrid disease that is ALS.

Her are some photographs and videos of some of the

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