Dear Vineyard Vines … "We need a jellyfish tie!"

Dear Ian and Shep of Vineyard Vines, 
Our family goes to Martha’s Vineyard in the summer so that’s how we know about Vineyard Vines.  My husband and 3 boys have quite a collection of your ties.
Here’s my idea:
My husband, Doug McConnell, is an awesome open water swimmer.  He swam the English Channel and the Catalina Channel and he is about to swim around the Island of Manhattan in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim on June 28, 2014.  Once he finishes this swim around the Island of Manhattan, he will have achieved the coveted Triple Crown in open water swimming.  Only 83 people have ever achieved this, and only 15 of them have achieved it over the age of 50.  My guy is 56.  Rare air.  
Open water swimming is historically done in salt water where jellyfish are a big part of the swim.  (They also frequent the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard.)  
You guys need a jellyfish tie.  That’s where my idea comes in.
Can my husband be your spokesman for your jellyfish tie? Can you feature him and open water swimming in your magazine to promote your new jellyfish tie?  
My husband is kind of a hero because when he swims his open water challenges he raises money for the Les Turner ALS Foundation. (  They’re a pretty big deal in Chicago and Chicago is where you just opened your new store!  (We live most of the year in Barrington, Illinois, right outside of Chicago.)  
He has raised over $200,000 with his open water swims and the amount is headed up as we get ready to head to New York for this next challenge.
You can learn about my husband and his open water swims here  
And you can learn more about him on my funny blog about his open water swimming here
Here is a website all about jellyfish:
And here is a link to an article about jellyfish that my husband wrote for them:
Here are some fun facts about open water swimming and jellyfish:  
  • Since NBC televised the 10K (6 miles, considered a marathon swim, because it takes about two hours for the top swimmers) from the Beijing Olympics in 2008, 16 million people have done an open water swim.
  • In the US, during those same years, the number of dedicated open water swims has jumped from 200 to more than 900. 
  • Many people believe that OWS is the fastest growing endurance sport in the country.
  • Chicago’s premier OWS, Big Shoulders, now limits participation to 1,200 swimmers; it sold out in 38 days between March 1st and April 8th this year.
  • Every marathon swimmer who swims in salt water is MUCH more focused on jellyfish than they are on sharks.  
  • There are something like 250 different jellyfish species in the world. 
  • Some don’t sting at all, others (Portuguese Man ‘o War and Box Jellyfish) are among the most venomous creatures on earth.
  • Swimmers say that the prettier the jellyfish are the more they hurt.
  • Some are as small as coins, others are bigger than garbage can lids and have tails that can be several meters long. 
OK, quite a challenge, but I know you can do it.  And I know that every open water swimmer around the world will want to buy one of your jellyfish ties! 
You guys are the best!  
My Bionic Boyfriend’s Girlfriend