Bob Lee Rides Again (and stops over to say goodbye)

As he prepares to leave, tomorrow, on the third leg of his quest to circumnavigate the perimeter of the United States, Bob Lee stopped by to say goodbye to Doug.  We were actually just getting ready to head over to his house to say goodbye to him.  Bob and Doug share something very different in common.  They’re both attempting uncommon feats as they raise funds and awareness for the Les Turner ALS Foundation.  Bob and Doug are both members of the Les Turner board, and they further tune their efforts as they drive to their board meetings together.  And through Bob’s mentoring he and his inspiring wife, Anne, have become great, great friends of ours.

While I have always felt like I volunteered my photography for causes, Bob came along and quietly nudged me to bump it up more than a notch.  I didn’t even feel it happening and the next thing I knew I was everywhere with my camera and he was right there, quietly nudging more and more.  For his cause, Ride For Three Reasons, I have been there nonstop.  And during the next two months, as Bob rides his bike from Vancouver to Tijuana, I’ll be writing some more about my friend and I promise some surprising and moving stories about his wife, Anne, who I want to be just like when I grow up.  And, believe me, I’m not alone.  Stay tuned.

Watch Bob’s progress on his blog …

And PLEASE like his facebook page to show him the love while he’s on the road …

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