Helping Goody Tyler Swim The Catalina Channel

Doug is on the pilot boat as Goody Tyler swims the Catalina Channel.  Doug is scheduled to make the same swim on July 25th.  This is an email that Doug sent out this morning …

We left the Long Beach Harbor around 7 pm and started to motor out to the Island. There are 14 people aboard, between 3 boat people, 2 Channel observers, 8 swim support crew and Goody in the Speedo. It was a rough ride out there, and several people were sick.

By the time we got to Catalina, it was dark and time for last minute prep with Channel grease.

Goody hopped in at 10 pm under beautiful stars and a quarter moon. His kayak escort is Neil van der Byl, whom I met for the first time here today, and he is amazing. Totally focused on the swimmer, managing feedings, and always on top of things. What a difference the right kayaker can make.

Feedings have been 30 minute cycles with a product called Cytomax. Marcia is concerned it doesn’t have enough oomph (I think that is code for protein) for him, but he is suppplementing with gels and a bar here and there.

He just had another feeding and is getting cold and stung. Gord Gridley is getting ready to hop in the water with Goody, which I am sure will help a lot.  
I will report back.


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