Democratizing Really Cool Photography

In some of our classes you’ll learn about Instagram.  Instragram was recently purchased by Facebook for $1 billion and some people just don’t get it.

But we do.  And once we show you … you will too.

Instagram provides a simple way to make your cell phone photographs (yes, iPhoneography is in our vocabulary now) absolutely beautiful and then it helps you share them with the world, or just your friends.  It’s emotional, simple and it has democratized the ability to create and share really cool photography.

Here are instagrams that we have recently created …

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Laura Always Knew She Was Different

My friend, Laura, is different.  And that’s why I like her.  I think she might have been born into the wrong era.  She likes the things our grandmothers liked … hats with ribbons and sparkly perfume bottles and words like “magnificent.”

Laura grew up to be a calligrapher; her art is in keeping with the old world style that she embraces.  Here is a collection of photographs, all taken on the same day, that will let you see a little glimpse of her …