Happy Birthday My 70 Year Old Friend … A Tribute To Bob Lee

If you ever asked me if I’d ever have a friend who was 70, I’d say not till I was 70. But the truth is I’ve been hanging out with this guy and his wife, who is the same age, and every time I leave them I can’t wait till I see them again.

And so this is my tribute to my 70 year old friend, Bob Lee, on his 70th birthday.

Dear Bob,

I think I met you when you stopped in my studio one afternoon, years ago, on your bike, all dressed up like a biker, and you asked me what I was doing. I told you I was opening up a photography studio and that I had just received all of this equipment that I was trying to learn how to use. You asked me where the instruction manuals were and you explained those impossible pages to me like they were storybooks.

Ever since that day I keep my manuals in a special drawer, just for you, so that when you stop by you can teach me something about my equipment.

But I think I really got to know you when you started dragging me out of my studio into the world with my camera. “Are you going to the BADC dinner? Bring your camera.” “Will you be at the parade? Bring your camera.” “I need you to help me at the Wellness Place Golf Outing. Bring your camera.” You volunteer for millions of events in Barrington and you’re teaching me to do the same.

Here you are, taking pictures at Barrington’s 4th of July Parade … 

And here you are, taking pictures at another event.  Notice the blue bracelet.  You always have a band on your arm, promoting one fund raising effort or another … 

Once at the Golf Outing for Wellness Place, you wrangled me into spending a whole day and evening shooting photographs. And it was raining. You set me up on the 1st tee, the one closest to the bathroom, and you took off to the 9th, out in the middle of nowhere. You  gave me an umbrella and you came over often to check on me.

Here you are, checking on me …

You didn’t know it, but when I was bored I would go and check on you.

Here’s a picture I took, while I was checking on you …

Between the two of us we gave Wellness Place the best golf pictures I’ve ever seen and we presented them on a big screen at the dinner that took place when the sun was setting. Then, we sat down to dinner with your lovely wife, Anne, and my non-golfer husband, Douglas, and we proceeded to have quite a blast.

Here you are, with Anne, having a blast … 

I was given the honor of taking your photograph, Bob, at the 2011 Barrington Area Development Council awards dinner, where you were given the award for “Citizen of the Year.”  It was quite a night.

Here you are, receiving your award … 

I was also given the honor of taking your photographs for the May 1st issue of Quintessential Barrington Magazine that should come out in a couple of days now.  Just after your 70th birthday.  In all, we went on five photo shoots, to about a dozen locations, at sunrise and sunset, and in all kinds of weather. You’re about to make a big announcement, and we’ll let Quintessential Barrington unveil that one. All I can tell you is that it’s amazing.

Just as it’s amazing to be friends with someone like you.

Happy 70th Birthday Bob.


PS … Here’s my favorite picture of you and Anne … 

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My 70 Year Old Friend … A Tribute To Bob Lee

  1. I have truly never seen such wonderful photos of my parents – you captured the true essence of their relationship – lots of love and laughter! May I please have copies of all of these photos? I will cherish these forever.

  2. I Must agree with Laura, these are fabulous pictures of Bob and Anne that truly captures their unique essence! Susan you are as amazing at this as Bob is at being 70!!! Feeling so Blessed and inspired by all of you!!! xoxo

  3. These are great photos….a wonderful celebration of his life through the eye of a camera.

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