Learned this from photographer Ian Junor …

Here’s something that’ll blow your mind. Stare at the coloured dots on this girl’s nose for 30 seconds, then quickly look at a white wall or ceiling (or anything pure white) and start blinking rapidly. Congratulations, you just processed a negative with your brain!

Love You Kate!

In the summertime, on Martha’s Vineyard, Kate Taylor and I somehow find each other while she plays her guitar and I play my camera.  On a dark Chicago night, like tonight, she posts one of the pictures on her facebook page and as I sit here at the computer I watch all of her fans immediately rave really nice things.

Makes me want to jump in the car and drive to Nashville this weekend when she plays at a place called In The Round.  You can see all of her venues at  http://www.katetaylor.com

And you’ll be able to see some new pictures at the end of this summer … Love You Kate!

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On A Clear Day

We watched this movie before Doug swam the English Channel and I thought it was okay.

On a quiet Saturday night we just watched it again and now I think it’s my favorite movie. Funny and full of English Channel chatter with some great pictures … it’s gonna get ordered from Amazon today.