A Long Swim Goes On The Road

What do you do when you have this cool story to tell? You tell it.

And top it off with videos and photographs that I took while no one was looking. The story just got cooler.

So Doug has a friend named Chad who made him a killer powerpoint and strategically added the photographs and videos. Thanks Chad, you rock.

William Blair invited Doug in to talk to their firm as soon as he landed back in the states. And that’s how it all got started. Next up he’ll be telling the story of A Long Swim this Sunday at 2:00 at …

McHenry County College
Auditorium B
Crystal Lake, Illinois

You can rsvp at http://www.alongswim.com


Since A Long Swim raised over $150,000 for ALS research at Northwestern, the doctors from Northwestern who discovered the cause of ALS will also be there. The announcement that they had made this discovery came on August 21st, the day that Doug returned to England from France.

You can bring your kids and you can ask questions.

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