Under The Same Moon

One month ago while we were out in the dark English Channel the moon was exactly l/2 and as orange as Halloween, just like tonight. We saw a million little stars that wouldn’t show up on the camera. But we tried. The lights of Calais, France were flickering and dancing and seemed most welcoming, although we were headed to a dark, little beach south of that. Doug’s night goggles blinked red on both sides of his head and, when it was working, the light on his bum matched.

Here’s a video of the night …

A few days later we traveled, on one of those larger-than-life ferries, to that dark, little beach. What looked that night like a sad, little nothing of a place ended up looking like this by the light of day …

So, we’re home and settled. The kids have so much homework still that I’m sure it’ll affect their grades. Doug’s been on cloud nine and those who have swum the channel have assured him that the cloud number never changes. “It’s a life long benefit.” His business is exploding and the door bell is still ringing. When his mother rides her bike to the grocery store she says she can barely make it through for all the talk, talk, talk.

There are lots of unseen photographs and video to go through as time slows down and fall begins to set.

I’ll have more to report as time goes on about this swim and others coming up. In the meantime, Doug has his eye on the next swim. A short 26 miles from Catalina to Long Beach. And so the preparation begins. He just bought tee shirts for the boys as Christmas presents. (Don’t worry, the boys couldn’t be less interested in this blog.)

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