Finding "Vissaaaaaant" Bay (Part II) A Windy Little Wedding

Right down the lane from the roadhouse was a path that opened up to Wissant Bay, the most expansive and beautiful beach I had ever seen. That any of us had ever seen. The colors, the clouds, the cliffs. The night we landed on the beach it was so dark and dreary and lifeless. I dare not think of what his landing would have been like under this sky. The pictures say it better than words.

The journey was finished but not yet complete. Having just been married for 25 years, we all gathered under the sun and had ourselves a windy, little wedding. The officiant was my brother, Robert, who was only qualifed by his love for us. He was going to ad lib, but when the time came the solemnness took over and he stuck to the script.

The vows went like this:

Fate brought you together.
And love keeps you together.
Two people make a team.
And their team grows.
Around them.
With them.
Douglas and Susan, 25 years ago you decided to start something.
And here we are on a beach in France.
Do you love each other?
Will you stay together?
Will you finish what you started?
By the power vested in me, by you, we all look forward to the future.

Afterwards, we threw our flowers into the English Channel, collected some beach rocks and waved goodbye to beautiful Wissant Bay. Then we went back to that charming roadhouse to finish what we had started.

Here are some outtakes:

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