Arrived, Exhausted, Ready

The flight was perfect but using multiple modes of foreign transportation after that was quite an accomplishment. More than that, we each rented a car and drove on the left side of the road which gave new meaning to grace under fire. Ashley and I got lost in the country and thank God we visually mapped it all out on Google Earth a million times back home over the days before we left. Note the capitalization of the words God and Google Earth.

Upon arrival at our flat we set out for adventures and found food and churches and castles and foreign dogs.

We drove to the ancient town of Ramsgate for fish & chips and were all sitting at a lovely table by the ocean when I decided to pull up the weather. “Whoever gets to swim tomorrow is the lucky one. Sunny and 73.” That is unheard of here. Doug decided to check in with his boat captain. I have the whole thing on tape as he was told that this window of wonderful weather means that things have been moved up and he just may be in line to go today at 3:00.

We raced back to our flat and the car driving on the left side of the road that was filled with laughter and teasing on the way to Ramsgate was still on the left side of the road but full of quiet. We packed up and went to bed and I write this early in the morning while everyone is still asleep.

I will attempt to report on the facebook pages for A Long Swim and My Bionic Boyfriend as well as our personal pages. Wish us luck.

Doug and Ashley gathering food in our town of Deal, Kent.

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