Bye. Stay Tuned.

Different people have been saying goodbye in different ways. Amy Bash brought over a donation for A Long Swim as well as a book about resilience. Bob and Anne Lee said goodbye earlier in the week and told us to stay home for the rest of the time and not burn the candle at both ends. Kathleen sent a bunch of messages. LeeAnn said goodbye about three or four times. Mosie too. Our brothers and sisters won’t stop calling. We accidentally had a lovely dinner with Kate and Patrick. Coach Vicki handed him a check at the pool this morning. Sharon texted tonight before she went to bed. There are more messages on Doug’s Facebook page than people usually get for a milestone birthday.

Tonight we thanked Jennifer Scarpelli in person for all of the fundraising she has done for A Long Swim. We visited the Oatman’s and had a glass of wine on their back porch while they gave us their wise advice. We stopped at Doug’s Mom’s and hugged and kissed her in her jammies. I wanted to take a picture but it just didn’t seem right.

Earlier in the day Doug’s cousin, who is much more like a brother, drove over all the way from Dixon to see him in person. Doug showed him all of the things he needs to bring for his swim, including the basket from which we deliver things in the water as well as his suitcase.

Our kids are nervous yet seem up to the challenge. They are all packed and fighting a little.

Doug is excited and confident and prepared yet you can tell he has a lot on his mind and he’s only l/2 listening. He loves tapering and he had a dinner for about three people tonight. He’s telling me stories about all that has happened to him over the last few days. I’m more than l/2 listening. This is his time.

Bye. Stay tuned.

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