Love Is Like Water

While Doug and I are working with our kids toward this gigantic goal of his English Channel swim, we never take our eye off our #1 project … loving them. Things aren’t always easy through the ups and downs of life, and believe me our waves are pretty rolling. I can, however, put it in perspective through this analogy … love is like water.

You want to give them enough to nourish them so that they’re not thirsty. Because what the nutritionists tell us is that once we feel thirsty it’s kind of late in the game. We should be handing out little sips all along.

And you don’t want to over water them. Because that means you’re hovering and run the risk of smothering and drowing them.

As our kids get older the line we walk becomes more fine and the decision about how much love to offer becomes unclear. Sometimes I give them too much independence and by the time they come around they’re a little needy. Sometimes I give them too much attention and by the time I realize that I’ve over watered them things get a little squishy.

One thing is for sure … they’ll all come back from this experience having changed a bit.

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