Drink It Up

Lots of people ask lots of questions about swimming the English Channel and Doug’s answers are the same as other channel swimmers. “How long is the swim?” 21-30 miles. “Do you stay in France when you get there?” Nope, you have to be gone in 15 minutes. “How many people in your support boat?” 8.

But the answer to this one question is different. “What do you use for nutrition?” The answer is Infinit Nutrition.

As the nutrition maven, believe me, this one is easy.

This nutritional drink is different for a bunch of reasons but there is one giant detail that separates it from the drink in the next lane. It’s a custom blend based on YOUR specific activity and based on what YOU are specifically looking for.

For instance, My Bionic Boyfriend is looking for lots of carbs, calories, protein, and electrolytes. He needs to take in 1,000 calories per hour while swimming the English Channel. He also needs tons of electrolytes as his muscles tend to cramp up. His blend is very different than mine, for example, as I’m interested in less carbs, less calories, yet plenty of protein and plenty of electrolytes. (I happen to love it and I use it exclusively too.) You can also factor in amino acids, caffeine and flavor.

Doug practiced and practiced with different products and this one not only had everything he needed but it didn’t make him throw up in those rocking waves. He used it exclusively on The 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim. It was after the Tampa swim that he contacted Infinit Nutrition and they immediately asked if they could sponsor him. That means that they splash his picture all over their stuff. It also means that anyone who designs and orders their own specific formula, and it’s easy to do on their website, gets a 10% discount AND 10% of their purchase prices goes to A Long Swim’s charity, the Les Turner ALS Foundation. Extremely cool of them. (Coupon Code is ALONGSWIM)

So here’s a link to their website. All you marathon swimmers as well as runners, bikers, iron manners, and even dancers, drink it up. It’ll do you good and you’ll be doing good.


(Coupon Code Is ALONGSWIM)

Doug and Wendy Abrams, Executive Director of Les Turner ALS Foundation, on Ohio Street Beach awaiting the NBC 5 interview. 10% of all purchases of Infinit Nutrition products on their website, using ALONGSWIM as the coupon code, goes to support the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

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