Small World, Big World (Midnight In Paris)

There hasn’t been much of a social life lately. Days pretty much look like this for Doug …

• 4 to 5 miles of swimming early in the morning
• Work all day
• Dinner with the kids
• Walk the dogs
• Write thank you notes for donations to A Long Swim
• Pours himself into bed

Last night was Saturday night and our little movie theater in town was running the Woody Allen movie Midnight In Paris. It started at 8:00 and at just about 8:00 he picked up a bottle of wine, I slipped it in my purse and off we went. He said, “We need to change it up and I think this movie was made for you.”

A couple of years ago Mack was studying in Paris for a semester so I decided to go there and take a photography workshop. I had never been to Europe and while the adventure was a bit big for me I figured the timing was perfect. So for 7 days I worked with a guide from 8AM till 6PM. He took me to out of the way places that only a Parisian would know. His charge was to keep me away from the traditional, although I did get a shot of the Eiffel tower from an alley way. It was thrilling and exhausting. We saw Paris from winding roads and rooftops and ferris wheels. We visited portages (tiny malls with tiny shops that barely exist any more) and museums and perfectly tucked away bistros for lunch. He had an adorable wife who would join us and we all became friends.

And at the end of every day Mack would find me and we would have dinner together. There were millions of little restaurants and one was just as charming as the next. I would tell him that we could order whatever we wanted. And we did. We had fois gras every night.

I shot over 3,000 photographs that week and created a collection that has been on exhibit a few times and now lives in my little studio on Main Street. I named it “Paris Like This” and it even has its own website.

The movie had scenes of Paris that were identical to those in my collection. How odd it was to see all of that big world again in our little movie theater. When the credits were over I slipped the empty bottle of wine back in my purse. On the way home we drove past my little studio and I saw my Paris photographs sleeping on the wall. Doug started telling me about swimming in Lake Michigan early in the morning. We took the dogs for a walk. He poured himself into bed. And I’ve been thinking about Paris ever since.

Here are some of everyone’s favorite shots from the collection “Paris Like This”

(Mack in Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris)

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