Gordy … The Music Manager … The Music Man

(Gordy and his infamous and very full of cool music ipod)

There was a radio interview this week. It was live and unplugged and it took a whole hour and Doug was definitely nervous beforehand. KWAM 990 out of Memphis. I have video tape of it being played live on my computer, with the house all messy and the boys playing with the dogs.

The interview was pretty serious, for the most part. But something creeped in. Something about all the fun we have working on this project.

Radio Guy: (Practice your deep voice.) And you have a crew? Tell me about your crew.

Doug: Well, my crew is my family. My wife and my kids. I have four kids.

Radio Guy: You have FOUR kids?

Doug: Ya, that’s a lot of kids, but they’re great. And they all have important jobs on my team. Anyway, they count my strokes and that’s important because I need to stay on track. They manage my nutrition because I need to take in 1,000 calories an hour. They mix it and get it to me every 30 minutes. They handle emergencies, like when I was seriously stung by an oversized jellyfish. It was all hands on deck.

Radio Guy: (Kind of disinterested in the jellyfish thing, which really was serious.) What else?

Doug: Gordy manages the music.

Radio Guy: The music?

Doug: Ya, Gordy has the most eclectic collection of music and no one is ever disappointed.

Radio Guy: You swim to music?

Doug: No, I can’t hear it at all. But I see them dancing every once in awhile. I’ve seen Susan singing into a water bottle. I’ve seen Billy dancing on a chair. It’s a little disruptive, but these swims are long, and my crew likes to have a good time.

Radio Guy: (Deep voice getting deeper.) So, it’s a party boat?

Doug: Not when I need them … they’re there. But when I’m on my own they’re on their own and they make the best of it. They know how to have a good time.

Radio Guy: (Laughing from his gut.) I really wish I had become a swimmer. But I didn’t. Can I be on your crew?

Note: As the leader of this crew I’ll tell you this. Sometimes we freeze. Sometimes we get sunburned. Sometimes we argue. And there are plenty of times we dance. We’re making the best of this. Because this, after all, is his time.

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