25K Swim in Noblesville, Indiana … Not Your Typical Father’s Day Weekend

Not your typical Father’s Day Weekend. Noblesville, Indiana was host to the the US Masters 25K Swimming National Championships and Doug participated with Bill and Gordy as his guides in a double kayak.

You can read all about it on Doug’s blog http://www.alongswim.com. He’ll tell you the important parts but I’ll tell you this …

… He came in 27th out of 66 swimmers. The 26 swimmers who came in before him were in their 30’s. (Note, my bionic boyfriend is 53.) I needed to tell him that this is amazing.

… A double kayak is a hell of a lot of fun for two teenage boys.

… Noblesville, Indiana is just far enough – 4-1/2 hours to make the ride a little boring.

… Gordy got the sunburn of his life and now believes in sunscreen.

Next up … July 23rd … a puny 5K in Chicago. The Chicago Skyline makes for a great backdrop.

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