Grace The Birthday Present Who Hasn’t Gone Swimming … Yet

In a week, one year ago, it was a 50th birthday in our family and who arrived … Grace the Coonhound. She was a rescue and I’m not sure who did the rescuing … Grace, or us?

I know she can swim, she just hasn’t been given the chance. She’s been a nice addition to our family and even though she won’t swim the English Channel … she’s going to love training in Lake Zurich.

Last summer the kids and I got away from it all and took a car trip all around New England. We stayed in lots of “pet friendly motels” and the kids loved learning about those sorts of lodgings. We even took Grace to the top of Whiteface Mountain in New York. We ended up in Boston at the Boston Light 8 Mile Open Water Swim. The pictures are on facebook.

Pictures of her swimming will also be available soon. Just you wait and see.

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