"Hey, It’s Doug’s Tomato!"

Dear Greg,

I know you. You are the larger-than-life guy who lived forever next to Doug’s parents in Dundee. You had the best kick ass house in the neighborhood and you were flashy and you were really, really nice. As the most popular guy around town it was probably hard to remember everyone’s name. So whenever you saw me you used to say, “Hey, it’s Doug’s Tomato!”

You made your way into my heart 25 years ago when, on the morning of my wedding, dressed in ratty shorts, a torn t-shirt and no shoes, you drove your Rolls Royce into Doug’s parent’s driveway and tossed Doug the keys. “Drive it for the day. You and your Tomato have a good time.”

We did. And thank you. The car was the icing on the cake.

25 years later you made your way into my heart again because you just made a big donation through Doug’s blog … http://www.alongswim.com … which benefits The Les Turner ALS Foundation. It was ALS that took Doug’s dad, a good friend of yours, away from us. I can still hear him laughing every time you forgot my name.

You were a pretty cool guy then and you’re a pretty cool guy now.

All My Love,
Doug’s Tomato

PS … The picture above is a tomato ornament that I gave to Doug on one of our first Christmases together. The Rolls will be eternally etched in our minds as a photograph of it on that day does not exist.

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