In WAY Over My Head

So I’m blow drying my hair in the bathroom, trying to make my curls straight on this humid, springy day, and he comes around the corner, talking above my blow dryer before he really comes into sight, “Who else is going to be on my guide boat for this 24 mile Tampa swim?”

I knew it. He thinks I’m the czar.

“It’s gonna be at least a 12 hour thing ya know.”
“Maybe 15.”
“You ever been on a boat for 15 hours straight?”
“I’m not sure if the boys are up to this.”
“Billy gets sea sick after a couple of hours.”

Note to Self:
April 23rd
Tampa Bay
24 miles in ocean water, albeit warmer than the English Channel
Gotta count his strokes
Gotta have 1,000 calories of his gooey stuff every hour
Gotta watch for sharks and creatures
Gotta offer encouragement
Gotta take pictures

Gotta pack
Gotta get the kids psyched
Gotta get used to the idea of going on a boat for 15 hours
Gotta get a hotel
Gotta get a dog sitter for the new puppy
Gotta get lots of his gooey stuff
Gotta get lots of sun screen
Gotta get sea sick pills for Billy

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