San Diego Warm-Up!

Spring break arrived and we left for San Diego to visit family and watch Doug get in some open water ocean swimming. Billy celebrated his 19th birthday at the same time. We rented a little beach cottage and Mack, the oldest of the kids, came down from San Francisco for the week. We were all together, which doesn’t happen all that much any more.

One night after Doug and I went to bed all four kids hung out on the christmas light surrounded back patio and smoked cigars, including Ashley. Wish I had a picture of that.

The whole trip we were on the lookout for a woman named Anne Cleveland. Anne is the woman who has done a “two-way” and that just doesn’t sound good. It’s English Channel slang for swimming both ways. That’s right, when she arrived on the shores of France she turned right around and swam back to England.

We never found Anne, she must have gone to Chicago for spring break, but we met some other swimmers who belong to the LaJolla Cove Swim Club, just like her. They meet every afternoon in their beautiful cove that is surrounded by seals, sea lions and cormorants and swim a circuit that includes some pretty intense open water. Alot of these people have either swum the English Channel or plan to. One woman we met, named Sabrina, whom you’ll see in this video, is going to swim in a relay of women who will each swim a one hour segment of the channel. I had no idea that you could swim the channel in a relay.

While I was taking photographs and video it was hard to focus on the swimmers and not on the seals and sea lions, some who had babies. There are a few shots of them in this video. Hope you like it.

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