Read The Quintessential Barrington Magazine Here (this is a link)

Quintessential Barrington Magazine has covered our bionic boyfriend magestically … as only they can. The article is cleverly, cleverly written by David Rutter and the photographs are, yup, they’re really nice.

Lisa Stamos, the Publisher and Editor, has waved her magic wand over A Long Swim and brought it to new heights. Copies of the magazine are arriving in every Barrington home and business right now.

I’ve had the honor of working for QB as a photographer for a long time now. It’s no secret that once a person is covered in a feature article they no longer can go to the grocery store in peace.

Doug was at meetings in Chicago today and when I spoke with him on the phone I told him that people were receiving the magazine and that it was on line. I reminded him that his days of going to Jewel were over. He said, “Well, then, I’ll enjoy the anonymity of LaSalle Street.”

To quote Lisa … let the fun begin!

Use the link above to read the article.

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