What Happens Two Weeks After Surgery?

It feels a little like it did when Mack went to college. “Hey, where did he go? I liked him.” He’s been to his office every day, he’s been to meetings in Chicago, he’s been to Costco twice, he’s been out to dinner a bunch of times and today he’s officiating Ashley’s swim meet. I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog to … My Disappearing Bionic Boyfriend.

He’s not allowed to swim or work out yet but I can tell that he’s going to be disobedient in short order.

(Ashley is in lane 8, far right, with the red swim cap. She swam her best time for the 50 freestyle today at 33 seconds.)

One thought on “What Happens Two Weeks After Surgery?

  1. Swimming is your family's healthy way or dealing with life and its troubles. I'm so happy Doug did not have to give up on his dream. Go Doug! Go! I'm proud my friend wants to swim the English Channel.Go Ashley! Go! And know, like your father, that dreams are meant to be fulfilled.

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