The United Nations and Nike

This image was created for the United Nations and Nike as they support The Girl Effect. ( It’s all about educating and empowering young girls across the globe. The shoot included twelve girls at the age of twelve amongst a flock of sheep. The goal is to raise money to give a flock of sheep to families in underpriviledged countries in return for their promise to educate their daughters. This is my daughter, Ashley, who is about to be 12 on New Year’s Eve. As I am writing this she is sitting next to me at the kitchen table while she works on her fractions and decimals.

Bataille Academie of The Danse

Adorable Bataille dancers gathering christmas flowers line the dining room walls at Wool Street, our favorite restaurant in town.
Taking photographs for Bataille is my most fun job. On this day there were four little four year olds dancing and running around but when the flowers came out they couldn’t stop holding and playing with them.
The result? Take a look at Wool Street.