Dog Fish Bar

The “Dog Fish Bar” Story

My good friend, Kelly, has requested the Dog Fish Bar story. I’m embarrassed to say that for years I actually thought that Dog Fish Bar was an establishment located out on a sand bar off of Martha’s Vineyard. I thought I had been missing something important and it bothered me that I had never been out there. I imagined a tiki hut with blue cocktails and the swankiest people hanging out there. Good looking, tan guys with fishing poles. Every year I would say, “I have got to get myself out to that bar.” So last summer I got a marine map and put the boys in the boat and said, “Boys, take your mother to Dog Fish Bar.” It was a l-o-n-g ride and Dog Fish Bar is probably closer to the State of Massachusetts than it is to Martha’s Vineyard.

Dog Fish Bar ended up being a very shallow sand bar where dog fish swim. (You don’t want to see a dog fish. They scared me so much I couldn’t even take their picture.) No tiki huts, no blue cocktails, no good looking, tan guys. Simply the most beautiful, pristine sand bar in the middle of nowhere.

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