Kat’s Birthday Weekend in California

Kat’s Birthday Weekend in California

One evening in Chicago, long ago, at the Drake Hotel my brother, Robert, married this beautiful girl from Wisconsin named Kathryn Siegler. And we’ve all lived exceedingly happily ever after. Kat is a professional artist and has been focusing on photorealism. www.kathrynsiegler.com On this weekend, her birthday weekend, we celebrated in Calistoga, which is at the north end of Napa County. These photographs were taken at a pretty little cafe that is a sister restaurant to the famous Mustard’s Grill, after we had visited Cakebread and Grgich Vineyards. Hence, the silliness.
What you don’t see in these pictures is the most perfect ruby ring that Robert presented to her on the evening that we arrived in California, much to Kathryn’s surprise.

Dog Fish Bar

The “Dog Fish Bar” Story

My good friend, Kelly, has requested the Dog Fish Bar story. I’m embarrassed to say that for years I actually thought that Dog Fish Bar was an establishment located out on a sand bar off of Martha’s Vineyard. I thought I had been missing something important and it bothered me that I had never been out there. I imagined a tiki hut with blue cocktails and the swankiest people hanging out there. Good looking, tan guys with fishing poles. Every year I would say, “I have got to get myself out to that bar.” So last summer I got a marine map and put the boys in the boat and said, “Boys, take your mother to Dog Fish Bar.” It was a l-o-n-g ride and Dog Fish Bar is probably closer to the State of Massachusetts than it is to Martha’s Vineyard.

Dog Fish Bar ended up being a very shallow sand bar where dog fish swim. (You don’t want to see a dog fish. They scared me so much I couldn’t even take their picture.) No tiki huts, no blue cocktails, no good looking, tan guys. Simply the most beautiful, pristine sand bar in the middle of nowhere.