On Martha’s Vineyard

On Martha’s Vineyard
How else do you celebrate a 20th wedding anniversary? Put on your fancy dresses, buy flowers at the farmer’s market and proceed down the beach in Menemsha at sunset. What you don’t see is the standing ovation.

One thought on “On Martha’s Vineyard

  1. Your pixes are absolutely amazing. You are so talented how you capture the moments and those viewing the pixes feel part of those moments. I have used the pix you took of me my 1st visit to MV for my blog. I remember eating the best lobster, sipping on wine & waiting for the sunset in Menemsha with wonderful friends when you told me to get up on that dune and you started snapping pixes. The pix hangs in my LR & at my parents too. I don't know how you made me look good (hope that doesn't sound conceited..maybe it was the wine you drank too:)). I will never forget that visit and how you, Doug, your kids and even your friends made me feel right at home. I was hooked on MV my 1st visit and Ronnie became addicted on his 1st and my 2nd visit. We need to go back. Ashley became my best friend as soon as I arrived. I remember our conversations early mornings on the roof deck(and all her questions), the pix of her & I outside the Blackdog Tavern with the harbor behind us sits on my office desk, the honor of being able to volunteer as a spotter for the Possible Dreams Auction (Art's final year)& meet all the wonderful people on that committee, the goosebumps when Carly Simon sang to Art, watching Doug escort Walter Cronkite to his seat, the smile on your face as you took all those pictures & enjoyed every moment of it, and the thrill when one of my bidders won one of the dreams. I can go on and on. I love getting together with all of you and only wish we weren't so far away from each other. I cherish the friendship we have been able to keep since High School (I won't mention how many yrs that has been) and then we had the pleasure to pull Doug and Ronnie and our kids into that whole pix. Keep blogging those wonderful pixes along with your fabulous stories….please include the Dogfish Bar visit…that always makes me laugh. Love ya, Kelly

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