Ashley In The Sky With Diamonds

Marth’s Vineyard
in Summer 2008

My most favorite things to photograph are my children. I started thinking about them when I was a little girl myself. And now I’m far from that little girl and I have four of them. Three of them came to me through adoption so they’re all very different. They’re especially different than me, and that is one of the coolest parts of adoption.

This is Ashley, the bravest person I know. Here she is 10. This summer on Martha’s Vineyard I took her to this bridge and this is what she did. Along with the spirit in this jump she was also yelling to the world to watch her. No one has a better time than Ashley, who played this game all afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Ashley In The Sky With Diamonds

  1. Susan, I love Sassy Shots! You never run out of exciting and creative ideas! This is a great way for all the people that know you to be exposed to your many talents, your insightful photography, but also your ability to be the quintessential mother who celebrates the unique talents of each of your children, while not losing yourself in the melee! Thank you for including me in the list of people you love! I love you, too!

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