Helping Out Green Toys

Helping Out Green Toys
My brother, Robert, started and he needed some photographs of kids playing with his products. So I rounded up the little ones in the neighborhood and gave him some great images to use.
Green Toys may be found in every fine toy store as well as Target and Toys R Us. They’re created from recycled plastic milk jugs, they’re compostable, and they’re made in the United States. Even the packaging is recyclable. Their latest toy is not a fire engine or a garbage truck. It’s a recycling truck.

Kelly on Martha’s Vineyard

Kelly on Martha’s Vineyard

This is my friend from high school, Kelly Hazelton. Except now she’s Kelly Gordon because she married a big stud from the class before us and his name was Ronnie Gordon. Now it’s “Mr. Kelly Gordon to you.” We’re all from Massena, New York. I lived there for twenty years and I’ve never been to New York City. Whatever. Kelly and Ronnie come to Martha’s Vineyard every summer, driving all the way, and we all hang out on the beach and drink wine. The guys smoke cigars. We laugh our heads off. I think they’re the coolest people I know. No, they are the coolest people I know.

Art Buchwald

Art Buchwald, I loved him
OK, this isn’t in color, as promised. But you can imagine the summer garden of the Harbor Side Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard and the most fabulous event of the summer hosted by Art Buchwald. The Possible Dreams Auction which benefits Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. I have received a back stage pass to this event to the envy of every photographer there, from the New York Times to Getty Images, simply because I volunteer for them and I give them my images to use in their marketing and public relations.

This photograph was taken the summer before Art got really sick and then, to the surprise of all of us, he made one more appearance. That next summer he came on stage and said that he was on his way to heaven and he told them that he had to make one more stop … Martha’s Vineyard. I met with him at his house after that last event, with my good friend Jan Hatchard. We watched an old war movie for a little bit and he showed me my photographs in his living room. I loved seeing him that one last time.

This Is Meredith

This is Meredith

Meredith is like some of the other little girls in my neighborhood but what makes her different is that she loves me. When she sees me she runs to me and then after we hug she just stands by me. So, no matter what I’m doing, I always take Meredith’s picture.

On this day I was photographing the kindergarteners for our grade school and the girls were holding flowers like this. Meredith was there helping with her mom. Meredith watched and watched and then I picked up the prettiest flower and looked at Meredith and she knew just what to do. I’m about to use this photograph in all of my spring marketing and Meredith will be seen all over town. That is going to make her very happy.

Mack In Paris

Mack in Paris
Last year I went to Paris for a photography workshop but the real reason I went was because Mack, my oldest son, was studying in Paris for a semester and I wanted to hang out with him. He was more than happy to oblige and for the six nights that I was there we would meet up for dinner. Nothing formal, just “should we pick the red restaurant or the blue restaurant?” Each was amazing. And yes, we ordered frois gras every night.
This image was taken in the famous French cemetery Pere Lachais which is reputed to be the world’s most visited cemetery, each year attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to the graves of those who have enhanced French life over the past 200 years. I’d been trying to take Mack’s photograph, musically, seriously, for years and on this day when the photo shoot was over he thanked me for working so hard.